Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones

Empowering young children to make healthy choices.

Become a HALO Site

A HALO Site is any early child care center that is trained to teach the HALO curriculum. The HALO curriculum is very versatile. Child care professionals may adapt the lessons and implement the activities to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of the children in their care. Creativity is encouraged when enhancing or adapting the lessons. HALO is available in English and Spanish.

To become an official HALO Site, the HALO Curriculum and Training Kit is purchased and each teacher completes the self-guided DVD Training. HALO Headquarters is the resource for all curriculum updates along with ongoing support and technical assistance. For HALO questions contact us today!

Getting Started

Anyone who wants to teach the HALO program and have their child care center become a HALO Site must first agree to the following requirements for implementing a HALO program:

When you are ready, click here to purchase the HALO Curriculum & Training Kit, which includes everything you need to learn how to teach, implement and become a HALO Site. Once training is complete, it’s HALO time!

To learn more about training options or if you have any questions, contact us at (877) 553-3001.

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From Other HALO Sites

"After training I was very anxious to begin HALO; the program is well organized and resources very helpful. I have not been professionally educated to work with young children, but your curriculum made it very easy to teach."

"As children grow they need to feel loved and secure. They need to be aware of danger and how to make healthy choices. I would like to see the HALO program become a part of every child care center’s curriculum."

From Parents

"Our son told us about his organs all working together and how the brain is the boss. HALO is non-judgemental but tells children that smoking is not for children."

"I appreciate the focus on making good choices regarding tobacco, alcohol and drugs so much. My children use the HALO concepts when making lifestyle decisions such as wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle, staying out of the street, and eating more fruits and vegetables. My daughters, who are now in 3rd and 1st grades, still use the healthy choice/harmful choice as a guide for appropriate decision making."

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