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Become a CA Left Column (Getting Started)

Posted February 26, 2009, in Columns.

Getting Started

Heartland Family Service in Omaha, Nebraska, is the location of HALO National, and administers the HALO Agency Certification process. Child-serving agencies are certified through HALO National to administer the HALO program in local communities. HALO National provides training, curriculum updates and ongoing support to certified HALO agencies nationwide.

Once trained, agencies are equipped to recruit, train and support HALO preschool and child care sites in their community. Any number of HALO sites can be included – 5 to 500 – giving the certified agency the opportunity to supplement and/or expand its programming into child care centers, schools, churches, and anywhere preschoolers gather. The certified agency collects and provides basic information to the HALO National office so that it may be combined with other information, thereby building future support for research and funding requests.

Funding for HALO sites can come from local grants and federal and state prevention dollars. Each year more HALO sites are added. One community has established nearly 500 HALO sites, providing “healthy choices” programming to more than 14,000 preschoolers who have learned the HALO message that “healthy” means “growing bigger, stronger and better able to think!”

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