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Children’s Lives Improve Through Learning HALO

Posted February 23, 2012, in Announcements.

When the Wheeler Clinic received the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMSHA) Project Launch Grant, they ordered English and Spanish HALO Kits in June 2011. Their plan is to teach HALO – our preschool health education and prevention curriculum for children ages 3-6 – to over 1100 children in New Britain Connecticut, helping them become, “Bigger, Stronger and Better Able to Think!”

To celebrate the HALO program with their student’s family and community, the Wheeler Clinic had an open house in December 2011, where their 84 HALO students were awarded “I’m a HALO Kid!” t-shirts for completing the HALO program.

With their first HALO programming, they performed a pre and post-test with a select number of HALO students this past fall. The results showed improvement in every category! The categories tested were: General Healthy, Healthy Lifestyles, Feelings, Body Organs, Stress Relaxation and Healthy Choices.

The Wheeler Clinic HALO students tested strong in learning about Feelings, Stress and Relaxation and Healthy Choices. Even though there was improvement in the Healthy, Healthy Lifestyles and Body Organs categories, the results came in below the minimum score. These categories will be areas of concentration for improvement in the HALO session that started this week. They’ve added three more classrooms to this session where more children will benefit from learning HALO!

We are excited to see their students grow through learning HALO and look forward to more feedback from the Wheeler Clinic! Yeah, Connecticut!!!!! If you would like to learn more about the HALO program, visit us at or contact us at (877) 553-3001 or

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