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HALO as a Summer Program

Posted May 5, 2009, in Announcements.

Though HALO is designed to be taught in an early childhood education setting throughout the year, it can also be a very effective summer education program. A number of sites currently use HALO in this way.

If you are a site that uses HALO as either a summer program or as a 6-8 week unit, please share your ideas and successes for others. We want to know how it has worked for you and what suggestions you have for using the curriculum in this manner! Please post your ideas and comments here.

If you are considering using HALO this summer and have questions, post them here for a quick response.

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2 Responses to “HALO as a Summer Program”

  1. The HALO curriculum has entered the review process for NREPP “Best Practices” designation. There is a conference call set for November 30th to begin the process. Carolyn Theile is the principal contact for the Review.

  2. When will we find out about NREPP status?

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