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Make Holiday Kitchen Memories with Little Ones

Posted December 11, 2012, in Announcements.

During the holidays, families come together to visit, eat, give gifts and share their heritage. Little ones get excited about receiving gifts, playing with toys and visiting relatives.

While preparing holiday goodies, to help reduce stress and create some fun, remember to include the little ones. Turn on some holiday music, invite the children into the kitchen and have them:

– come up with items they would like on the menu,

– wash the fruits and vegetables,

– help set and decorate the table with holiday decorations,

– measure or mix ingredients then stir them in,

– help make the families favorite holiday dish or desert,

– take family members and guests a drink of water or holiday punch,

– put fruit and vegetables on platters, and

– help clean up after the meal and have conversation.

Sharing this time in the kitchen gives you time to talk with them about their world, school and social experiences and makes great family bonding time. Plus, they’ll gain hands on experience with basic cooking skills and strengthen their healthy food choices and proper portion sizes. These are the focus of Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones’ (HALO) Unit 3 – Families and Unit 11 – Healthy Lifestyles: Healthy Eating.

Remember, during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, take time to slow down and spend time in the kitchen with your little ones to cook, talk, eat, clean and create holiday memories with your family.

Happy HALO Holiday!

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