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Raisin’ Healthy Diet Choices for Life.

Posted May 31, 2011, in Announcements.

What shapes and determines what we decide to eat every day? Our daily diet decision is influenced by a number of things that include; whatever tastes good, is easy to prepare, doesn’t cost too much and is convenient. Sometimes our friends and social gatherings command what we eat. And from an early age, parents, family and childhood friends defiantly condition and shape our eating direction.

Remember when you were a child and were picky about a certain food you didn’t like and wouldn’t eat? When I was a child I didn’t like eating raisins and used to pick them out of the ambrosia salad and baked goods my mom made. Early eating preferences and decisions sometimes lasts a lifetime. Even though I know raisins are a powerful source of many nutrients that are good for me and I can tolerate eating them – I still don’t like them and choose not to eat them, ever!

What children choose to or are given to eat, greatly determines their diet as adults. Based on research conducted by Social Impact Research (SIR), for the first time in 200 years, the current generation of American children may have shorter life spans than their parents because of childhood obesity. (To read the full research report click here) With all the healthy food and education choices Americans have, these finding are very sad.

The good news we can teach children how to make healthy diet and exercise choices for life, today! The HALO Curriculum includes Unit 7 – Healthy Bodies/Healthy Choices and Unit 11 -Healthy Lifestyles /Healthy Eating, is crafted to teach children 3-6 years old, how to make healthy diet and exercise lifetime choices. And after each HALO lesson for better retention, the Healthy vs Harmful Picture Recognition Card Set is used as a fun way to reinforce “healthy” and “harmful” messages to children.

When children learn HALO, with support and reinforcement from parents at home, they are able to navigate through a landscape of unhealthy obstacles and become prepared to find and choose healthy alternatives, making them Bigger, Stronger and Better Able to Think, while they are children and when they become adults.

Children can even learn how to turn an undesirable food choice, like raisins, into another healthy choice like I did – I choose to eat grapes instead.

Click here to learn more about Unit’s 7 and 11 in the HALO Curriculum.

To purchase the HALO Curriculum & Training Kit click here.

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