Healthy Alternatives for Little Ones

Empowering young children to make healthy choices.

What people are saying


"My son already has an opinion on drugs — that they are harmful. He taught me that small children can learn and understand such important things. One night I was cooking dinner and found my son in the bathroom looking in the mirror singing, "I Am Special," a HALO song. Teaching preschool children healthy habits and helping them boost their self-esteem is a great thing. This is a wonderful program. Thank you!"

"My child mentions that alcohol and smoking are harmful to the bodies and minds and very dangerous for children all the time ... so I quit smoking!"

"I sincerely appreciate the school’s efforts to encourage these discussions as early as possible. Although we began discussion of these issues with our child, the school is reinforcing our efforts, which will only make all of our efforts more effective. Our son will mention the dangers of smoking to an uncle who smokes or mention it when he sees cigarettes on the ground. He understands that alcohol is dangerous for children."

"Making children aware of the dangers to health at an early age instills positive healthy thinking for them throughout their lives."

"I appreciate the focus on making good choices regarding tobacco, alcohol and drugs so much. My children use the HALO concepts when making lifestyle decisions such as wearing a helmet while riding a bicycle, staying out of the street, and eating more fruits and vegetables. My daughters, who are now in 3rd and 1st grades, still use the healthy choice/harmful choice as a guide for appropriate decision making."


"As children grow they need to feel loved and secure. They need to be aware of danger and how to make healthy choices. I would like to see the HALO program become a part of every child care center’s curriculum."

"After training I was very anxious to begin HALO; the program is well organized and resources very helpful. I have not been professionally educated to work with young children, but your curriculum made it very easy to teach."

Prevention Professionals and Funders

"It is rewarding for me as a funder to know that every dollar spent on the HALO program will have a definite impact on the life of a young person. Our aim is to drive down the number of young people engaging in alcohol, tobacco and other illicit drug use behaviors and programs like HALO play a critical role in this process."

— Justin Mickles
Region VI Behavioral Health Care, Department of Nebraska Health and Human Service

"Never before have I seen a program that dares to introduce thought provoking topics to a group of energized early childhood youth. I was amazed at the skills learned through the HALO program and how children retained the information months later."

— Timothy Grollmes
Creighton University Cardiac Center

"It’s wonderful to find a comprehensive, age-appropriate curriculum for young children as we need to begin arming our children with positive messages early on. The HALO curriculum is fun and it is a delight to watch the children and families respond to the materials."

— Barbara Jolliffe
Executive Director, Panhandle Substance Abuse Council, Inc.